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All You Need to Know About Engineered Hardwood Flooring

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Karl Batson
Head of Operations
Last Updated: 14 March 2024
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Most homeowners want to add wooden flooring to their home. About 54 per cent of homebuyers said they would pay more to purchase a home that has wooden flooring.

This sentiment is shared by many people and for good reasons. Wooden flooring adds a warm, cosy, elegant touch to any home or office space. The natural texture and earthy colouring of the wood create an ambience of comfort and warmth that’s unparalleled.

Hardwood floors come in two types: solid hardwood and engineered wood. The former solid hardwood is simply what the name suggests: it’s a thick plank of wood without any layers. But what is engineered wood flooring? Let’s find out:

How Is It Made?

While it may be difficult to distinguish between installed engineered hardwood and solid hardwood, there is a marked difference. Engineered hardwood is made with layers of wood veneers. Each layer is glued down and held together using heat and pressure to make it durable.

The top-most layer is made of real wood with the rest of the layers and inner core consisting of high-density fibreboard.

What makes engineered wood a stronger, more functional option as compared to solid hardwood is that it’s made with layers that are placed in an alternating pattern. The greater the number of layers, the more strength you can enjoy.

How Do You Install It?

The great thing about engineered wood is that it operates the same way as solid hardwood. It’s made with joints that can be clicked together for an easy, convenient installation process. This DIY-friendly process makes engineered wood an ideal selection for your renovation projects.

Man fitting engineered wood boards
All You Need to Know About Engineered Hardwood Flooring 3

Is Engineered Wood Durable?

What makes engineered wood the go-to flooring option for homeowners everywhere is that it’s durable. Owing to its construction, this material is sturdy and can withstand wear better than solid hardwood can.

Made with hard top layers of real wood, engineered wood is resilient against usage, scratches, and dents. This material is ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms as well since it’s often resistant to moisture and spillages.

Since engineered wood is made with layers of wood positioned in opposite directions, it allows you to enjoy the beautiful floors for much longer. You won’t have to fear your wooden floors succumbing to bowing and bending in places where there’s moisture.

Is Engineered Wood Easy To Maintain?

Engineered hardwood is one of the easiest flooring materials to care for. Since the topmost layer is a thick solid wood, it isn’t prone to seepage and staining. You can simply sweep and vacuum your floor without worrying about it trapping dust and smells over time.

Add this gorgeous, eye-catching flooring to your home and make a style statement. At Clarmie Ltd T/A Flooring King, we have a vast collection of engineered wood from the best brands including Royal and Timba Floor.

Check out our very own luxury engineered wood range The Royal Collection and choose from a variety of warm-toned hues.

Author Avatar
Karl Batson - Head of Operations

I have 5 years experience in the flooring industry and plenty more experience in managing operations of businesses. I have a great desire and passion for ensuring all operations from top to bottom run as they should. The flooring industry brings many challenges within my job role that I thrive on and with our vast range of brands and products every day is an exciting day.

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