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Polysafe Standard

Polysafe Standard Non Slip Vinyl Flooring is the leading brand for safety flooring with a large range of colours and next day shipping available in the UK, Flooring King is one of the leading retailers for safety flooring in the UK and remain unmatched in pricing, solidifying our pledge to provide the best value without compromising on quality.

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Polysafe Standard – Non slip vinyl flooring
In the realm of flooring, certain innovations truly make a mark, and the Polysafe Standard Non Slip Vinyl Flooring is undoubtedly one of them. As the name suggests, the Polysafe Standard is all about ensuring safety without compromising on style. Let’s delve deeper into what makes this flooring solution stand out in the crowded market.
Safety Above All
The primary objective of any non-slip flooring, of course, is to minimise accidents. But Polysafe Standard takes this a notch higher. Designed with advanced anti-slip properties, it’s particularly suited for spaces like kitchens, washrooms, and areas prone to occasional spills. Every step on a Polysafe Standard floor feels stable, ensuring peace of mind.

Built to Last

Longevity is a crucial aspect of any flooring. Polysafe Standard shines in this regard. Crafted to resist daily wear and tear, it’s robust enough to handle both the playful steps of children and the consistent foot traffic in commercial spaces. It’s not just a floor; it’s a long-term investment.

Marrying Style with Function

With Polysafe Standard, there’s no trade-off between aesthetics and safety. The available variety in colours and designs ensures that while the floor prioritises safety, it remains easy on the eyes. So, even if it’s a safety floor, it doesn’t have to look like one.
Installation Without the Hassle
One of the commendable features of Polysafe Standard is its user-friendly installation. No need for long, drawn-out setups; it’s all streamlined, ensuring you can have your space transformed without much ado.
Maintenance Made Simple
Maintenance, often a concern with flooring, becomes straightforward with Polysafe Standard. A routine sweep or mop suffices for daily cleaning, and for those occasional deep cleans, a bit of specialised vinyl floor cleaner does the trick. In essence, it’s fuss-free living.
Diverse Applications
While homes and commercial establishments can benefit from Polysafe Standard, its true potential shines in healthcare settings. Clinics, hospitals, and care homes, where safety and hygiene are paramount, find a reliable ally in this flooring. It’s not just about reducing slips; it’s about creating a safer environment overall.
Quality That Doesn’t Break the Bank
Affordability and quality often feel like they’re at opposite ends. Not with Polysafe Standard. While it’s competitively priced upfront, its durability ensures long-term savings. It’s an example of getting true value for money.
Comparing with the Rest
When stacked against other flooring options in its category, Polysafe Standard consistently comes out on top. Be it in terms of safety features, aesthetics, or cost-effectiveness, it offers a holistic package that’s hard to beat.


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