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Engineered Wood Flooring

A premium choice for your home, engineered wood flooring adds warmth and comfort to your home. Made up of layers of cross plywood glued together with a top layer of real wood, it’s known for its durability, aesthetic appeal and ease of installation with its clicking system. All our engineered wood floors are made from oak, creating an inviting atmosphere for any room. From dark, light and medium shades, you can also find natural brown, grey and white engineered wood. Browse our range below and don’t forget to get free samples to see our engineered hardwood in person!

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The Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood is the most popular type of wood flooring and offers many benefits for your home. Including:

  • Durable:made from several different layers of wood, engineered floors are stronger and perfect for high-traffic areas.
  • Resistant to temperature and humidity: engineered wood has great stability so won’t shrink or expand when exposed to temperature changes. This makes it a great choice to use with underfloor heating.
  • Low moisture resistance: able to use in kitchens, engineered wood is less prone to swelling and offers low-level water resistance. Just make sure to wipe up any spills and be careful.
  • Suitable to fit over a range of subfloors: a versatile floor, engineered floors can fit on any level of the home and over any subfloor.
  • Simple installation: with a DIY-friendly installation method of click or Tongue and Groove with a similar locking system, it’s easy to fit your floor.
  • Easy to clean: engineered hardwood is easy to maintain, just regularly sweep or vacuum.
  • Various styles: there are a range of engineered wood flooring colours, shades, types and widths to match your home.
  • Eco-friendly: the production process of engineered wood floors is more resource-efficient than that of other wood floors, making it a sustainable selection.

While engineered wood offers a lot of benefits, it is more costly than other types of floors and it’s not fully waterproof so make sure to clean up spills to avoid damage. If you want the look of wood at a more budget-friendly price with 100% waterproof benefits, opt for wood LVT.

Engineered Wood Flooring Types

All of our engineered wood flooring is made from oak, which can be styled to suit different interior design preferences. Known for its straight and swirling grain pattern and silvery texture, our oak engineered wood can be found in various effects:

Herringbone engineered wood is a type of parquet pattern made up by planks laid at a zig-zag shaped pattern. This type of engineered floor is used to make a statement and blend tradition, elegance and modern functionality.

Another popular parquet pattern is chevron engineered wood. This type of floor offers a more contemporary unique angle, with a running V-shape pattern as the planks are cut at 45 degrees.

And finally, our plank engineered wood flooring also called one strip engineered wood floors, consists of single planks laid next to each other. This can be laid horizontally or vertically across the room and adds a traditional tone to a room.

Engineered Wood Colours

All of our types of engineered wood can be found in a range of tones and colours, which all create a different aesthetic. For a traditional warm feeling, opt for our brown engineered wood in the natural tone. Where darker engineered wood gives a more luxurious feeling and light engineered hardwood can open up the room.

If you prefer a more modern take on engineered wood, we also have light and grey toned floors. These colours still hold the warmth feeling of wood but are painted to fit an aesthetic. Lighter-tinted floors create a more minimalistic look and create an airy atmosphere. For a happy medium, our grey engineered wood is more contemporary as it holds a mix between light and medium tones.

Room Suitability

Our oak engineered wooden floors are great for most rooms in the house, from high-traffic living rooms, stairs and hallways, to showcase rooms such as dining areas or bedrooms. Due to the unique texture and wood grains, it complements any room and creates a cosy and inviting atmosphere. You also don’t have to worry about the cold feeling underfoot, as engineered wood flooring can be used with underfloor heating.

And because it’s low-level water resistance, you can also use it in the kitchen. However, engineered wood flooring isn’t fully waterproof, so we don’t recommend using it in bathrooms. We also urge you to be careful and clean up any spills as the top layer is made up of real wood, making it susceptible to damage if exposed to excessive amounts of water.

Affordable Engineered Wood At Flooring King

At Flooring King you can find a range of high-quality engineered wood floors at lower prices, with a price match guarantee. And with so many different options, you can order up to five free samples to see our engineered wood in person! For more information check out our Engineered Wood Flooring Guide, or if you need any help or have any queries you can always Contact Us. We’d love to help!