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Polyflor Camaro Flooring

Step into the world of Polyflor Camaro Flooring – where the elegance of wood and the resilience of stone come together in a luxury vinyl tiles collection designed to elevate any space. Crafted for both the bustling ambience of commercial areas and the warm comfort of home settings, whether your project is large or small, Polyflor Camaro offers the versatility needed to infuse sophistication into every corner.

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Introduction to Polyflor Camaro Flooring

Are you in search of a floor that combines elegance with practicality? Look no further – Polyflor Camaro flooring is the ideal solution for those seeking style without sacrificing durability. These floors blend the allure of natural materials with the resilience of modern design, making them a prime choice for any home or commercial space.

What is Camaro vinyl flooring and how does it differ from other types of flooring?

Polyflor Camaro is a range of luxury vinyl flooring that offers the look and feel of real wood or stone, but with the durability and affordability of vinyl. It stands out from other types of flooring due to its realistic design, easy installation, low maintenance, and long-lasting performance.

About Camaro Flooring

Polyflor Camaro offers an array of wood and stone effects that are almost indistinguishable from the real flooring types. From the rustic charm of oak and walnut to the serene elegance of marble and slate, Polyflor Camaro captures the essence of various natural materials with stunning accuracy. Each design is meticulously crafted to reflect the unique characteristics and textures of the original material.

Constructed for longevity, each plank and tile within the Polyflor Camaro range boasts a robust polyurethane reinforcement layer. This protective coating is adept at shielding the floor from everyday wear and tear, including spills, scratches, and impacts. Notably, the flooring remains resilient in high-traffic areas, ensuring that it retains its allure over time. This durability extends to moisture-rich environments like kitchens and bathrooms, making this range a versatile choice for any area in your home or business.

One of the most remarkable features of Polyflor Camaro is its sound-absorbent quality. The floors offer a quiet, creak-free experience as you walk across them, adding an element of tranquility to your space. Additionally, the wear resistance means less time and money spent on maintenance and more on enjoying your beautiful floor. To reinforce your confidence in your choice, This floor comes with a 10-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind alongside aesthetic pleasure.

Flooring Specification

  • Thickness: 2mm
  • Wear Layer: Polyurethane reinforced
  • Plank Dimensions (Wood Effect): 914.4mm x 101.6mm
  • Tile Dimensions (Stone Effect): Varies by model
  • Warranty: 10-year guarantee
  • Suitability: High-traffic areas, moisture-prone spaces (e.g., kitchens, bathrooms)
  • Acoustic Properties: Sound-absorbent

Why Buy Polyflor glue down lvt from Flooring King

At Flooring King, we take pride in being a trusted name in the industry. Our dedication to quality is evident in our Polyflor Camaro collection, which exemplifies the perfect blend of style and durability. With our Trustpilot 5-star reviews, you can be assured of our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our expert team is just a phone call away, ready to assist you in making the perfect choice. Enjoy the convenience of selecting your delivery date at checkout and benefit from our free next-day delivery option.