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Safety Flooring

Safety flooring is an essential choice for spaces that demand slip resistance and durability. Crafted to combat the risks of accidents in both wet and high-traffic environments, this flooring type prioritises the safety of its users. Amongst the leading brands in the sector, Polyflor and Gerflor stand out, renowned for their commitment to quality and innovative design.

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Non Slip Safety Flooring
In the realm of flooring, striking the right balance between functionality and aesthetics can sometimes pose a challenge. However, the evolution of Safety Vinyl Flooring seamlessly combines these needs. Dedicated to prioritising safety without losing visual allure, this flooring type has found its way into a multitude of settings across the UK.
The Safety Promise
Safety vinyl flooring is meticulously designed to curtail the risks of slips, trips, and accidents. From damp bathrooms to bustling commercial kitchens and the busy corridors of hospitals, safety vinyl has got it covered. Its grip, durability, and maintenance ease make it indispensable for areas with high footfall.
Industry Leaders: Polyflor and Gerflor
Two prominent names, Polyflor and Gerflor, have carved their niche in this domain. Continuously evolving, their offerings cater to the distinct requirements of diverse sectors. These brands are committed to staying ahead in technology, design, and overall functionality through their relentless R&D pursuits.
Beyond Slip Resistance
Safety flooring isn’t just about traction. It’s built to tackle frequent spills, chemical exposures, and regular wear and tear. Additionally, its resistance to bacteria and mould fosters a healthier environment, proving invaluable in healthcare and educational spaces.
Design & Aesthetic Appeal
Modern safety vinyl flooring doesn’t compromise on design. With a broad palette of colours, patterns, and finishes, there’s something for every aesthetic aspiration. Whether minimalist, rustic, or contemporary, safety vinyl complements every vision.
Ease of Maintenance
The maintenance simplicity of safety vinyl is noteworthy. Its textured yet smooth surface means dirt doesn’t stick easily. While sweeping and mopping usually suffice, occasional deep cleaning ensures prolonged performance and appeal.
An Eco-Conscious Choice
Brands like Polyflor and Gerflor resonate with today’s sustainability ethos. They’re continuously refining every stage of their product lifecycle, from raw material sourcing to manufacturing and eventual recyclability, minimising environmental impact.
Making The Right Choice
Selecting the right safety vinyl flooring necessitates careful consideration of the environment’s specific needs, foot traffic expectations, lifespan desires, and budget. Fortunately, with a plethora of choices from industry-leading brands, there’s a perfect fit for every requirement.


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