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3 Ways To Protect Your Commercial Flooring During The Summer

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Karl Batson
Head of Operations
Last Updated: 15 March 2024
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Summer is disruptive when it comes to building exteriors, but it’s also harmful to office floors. As you rework your business plan and strategies for the summer, you should also consider revamping your office’s flooring to allow it to stand against the heat and never-ending humidity. You need to ensure that it can cope with the summer months by redefining its texture and revamping it according to the weather.

A modern open office plan with black furniture, yellow walls, and wooden flooring.

Check the Humidity Levels

Humidity is at its highest during the summer. This can affect your office floors due to the high level of condensation, as well as the resultant growth of mould.

To combat this hazardous situation, keep a close eye on humidity levels in your commercial facility. Your aim should be to keep the levels between 35% to 55%. This will not only prevent the floor from expanding but will also prevent any condensation damage.

If the humidity levels go beyond 55%, you need to maintain them with the help of your air conditioning system, a dehumidifier, or by cleaning up any leaks and spills.

Protection From Sunlight

A major concern is that sunlight exposure will cause the flooring to fade. While visible fading occurs after a long time, the process starts early. It might not be a popular decision among your team, but you need to block the sunlight out during hot days. This will maintain the temperature in your office, but will also prevent your floor from fading.

A modern meeting room beside a huge window with office furniture and carpeted flooring.

If your windows do not provide sufficient coverage, consider investing in new shades and drapes. Consider opting for blinds that allow the sunlight in at a specific angle, but not in extreme amounts.

Floor Maintenance

A few floor maintenance strategies can go a long way in ensuring the upkeep of your office’s floor. You need to clean and maintain it regularly to get rid of the stains that might damage the floor. This includes dirt that’s brought in when employees enter, as well as allergens that may have accumulated on the floor over time.

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Author Avatar
Karl Batson - Head of Operations

I have 5 years experience in the flooring industry and plenty more experience in managing operations of businesses. I have a great desire and passion for ensuring all operations from top to bottom run as they should. The flooring industry brings many challenges within my job role that I thrive on and with our vast range of brands and products every day is an exciting day.

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