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4 Interior Flooring Trends Not to Miss Out on in 2024

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Karl Batson
Head of Operations
Last Updated: 14 March 2024
Total read time: 2 min
interior flooring trends

While it may shine and gleam in some places, you have to admit that time not to mention, a few clumsy accidents have not been kind to your floors.

So, why not give it a makeover by choosing a fashionable and durable flooring option? But which one do you pick? Flooring King is here to offer some info on the latest trends in flooring that you need for your humble abode!

Wood Flooring with Stronger Colour and Grain

Dark Wood Floor
4 Interior Flooring Trends Not to Miss Out on in 2024 6

While all wood flooring options have some type of staining, for the New Year, most homeowners have decided to go full in with the colour and graining.

At Flooring King, our Royal Engineered Wood and Timba Floor options have been the most popular options thus far, mainly because of their deep hue and vibrant shine. A perfect contrast for minimalist and contemporary home design!

Blanched and Bleached Wood

Wooden Floor In Living Room
4 Interior Flooring Trends Not to Miss Out on in 2024 7

A stark opposite of the colour and graining trend, bleached and blanched wood, is a more popular option among homeowners who don’t like the glossy brown stain.

Ashy and white-washed, bleached wood enhances the natural wood grain and texture and gives it a whole new style that highlights the beauty of the natural wood. Our Parquet Collection has plenty of bleached rustic oak options that’ll suit your taste.

Bold and Vintage

Dining Room with Floor
4 Interior Flooring Trends Not to Miss Out on in 2024 8

Black-and-white is back in style. Whether it’s vinyl, carpet, laminate, or wood flooring, homeowners are taking inspiration from the nostalgia!

Harking back to the classic black-and-white floor designs that adore many a historic home, the monochromatic vintage flooring style nowadays is updated with bolder patterns and graphics, giving us a perfect blend of contemporary and classic features!

Graphic Features

Living Room With Pattern Flooring
4 Interior Flooring Trends Not to Miss Out on in 2024 9

For those who want to go all-out, 2024 is giving homeowners the chance to turn their flooring into a canvas!

Using carpet, vinyl, laminate, and even wood panelling, many homeowners are incorporating graphic designs as eye-catching features with simple, elegant surrounding flooring. From multicolour writings to patterns, these colourful tiles are designed to come together like jigsaw puzzles.

Give Your Home Floors a Makeover!

With designers encouraging homeowners to be more creative with their home features, more people are taking the chance to use various flooring options to create art. So, why not join in?

We offer laminate flooring, engineered wood flooring, carpet tiles, as well as flooring accessories online. Make your purchase today, and give your home design an upgrade!

Author Avatar
Karl Batson - Head of Operations

I have 5 years experience in the flooring industry and plenty more experience in managing operations of businesses. I have a great desire and passion for ensuring all operations from top to bottom run as they should. The flooring industry brings many challenges within my job role that I thrive on and with our vast range of brands and products every day is an exciting day.

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